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For anyone who thinks they know Australia, but haven’t visited recently (or at all), take note. The Australian travel landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Find your destination from our directory.

02Traveling between Lodges

Our website has an invaluable guide when planning a trip, and whether you book direct with your chosen destinations, or via your preferred travel specialist, the aim is to minimise time in transit, and maximise time experiencing Australia's incredible destinations.

03Getting to Australia

Visitors planning to travel from all parts of the world to Australia are headed to a memorable destination… there truly is “Nothing Like Australia”. Our website provide general information as a starting point for planning, though individual itineraries will naturally be influenced by the specific point of departure.

04Travelling Around Australia

Australia is a large continent, approximately the same size as the continental United States, and travel throughout the country is generally via one of four major domestic air carriers( i.e. Qantas, Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Tiger Airways), train (i.e. ndian Pacific and the north-south Ghan lines) or other modes of Australian travel include self-drive,

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